Terms and conditions

Study policy:

  1. Each child needs to undertake minimum of two hours of lesson per week.
  2. Each needs to pay attention in the class and must follow the tutor’s instructions in the class.
  3. Each child needs to bring their stationaries given by the centre in all of their lessons.
  4. Each child of KS3, KS4, GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2 level must bring their scientific calculator in their class.
  5. Each child needs buy and bring the books suggested by their tutor.
  6. Each child must follow the disciple of the centre.

Attendance policy:

  1. Each child must attend all their classes as scheduled in the beginning of the course.
  2. In the event if your child can’t come to the lesson for the issues not related to health, you must give at least 24 hours of notice by phone, text or e-mail to us.
  3. In the event if your child can’t come to the lesson due to sickness, you must let us know as soon as possible by phone, text or e-mail to us. We do not deduct for the absence for any the reasons of this kind provided we have been informed in advance.
  4. Your child must come to the class in time.
  5. If your child is absent without any notification, we will have to charge for that lesson.

Performance policy:

  1. Our study policy will be to achieve excellent results for each child and hence efforts and co-operation of every child and his/her parents would require.
  2. Homework is compulsory and each child must complete their homework.
  3. Each child’s performance will be monitored at each stage and their parents will be provided the feedback of their child’s progress.
  4. Those children who are working for their SAT’S , 11+, 13+, GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2 Levels would need to commit in order to achieve their desire grades for schools, colleges and universities of their choice.
  5. Our tutors and centre will take every opportunity, time and effort to help your child achieve their expected grades and help them in getting admission to the schools, colleges and universities of their choice but it will not be our responsibilities in case if your child has failure to achieve this. Our role here is as just a guide or facilitator than any other. It will entirely depend on the work and efforts your child will put behind.

Fees policy:

  1. Tuition fees need to be paid in advance at the beginning of the course. There is a fee of £25/-needs to be paid as administration fee or registration fee. The fees for different age groups are different.  The tuition fees needs to be paid in slots of 10 lessons. The discount of 10% will be applicable once the fees paid in slot.

Refund policy:

  1. The tuition fees paid is not refundable and not transferable to any other student too.


  1. We normally operate during the bank holiday time due the demand of the students and their parents for the extra lessons.  Either student or parent can keep off during the holidays and we do not deduct any fees for that. In case if we are keeping off, we let you know with enough notice.

Child Health & Safety policy:

  1. Each child needs to bring their drink and food from home.
  2. Parents are responsible for the child’s health and safety but while they are at our centre we will be responsible for their safety and will take care of them.
  3. In the interests of the student’s well-being whilst in the teacher’s care, the centre must be informed of any medical or other conditions affecting the Student.