Our Teaching Method

Our Teaching Method

We teach students the basic concepts of the subjects and build a strong foundation to grow from and help them excel in their academic career. We follow our unique method of ‘Understand, Apply and Practice’. Our teaching method is based on conceptual explanations to make the subject easier to understand and make the foundation strong followed by its applications in real life and then followed by rigorous practice to excel in the examinations.

We make sure that we follow the national curriculum and cover every topics which eventually helps them to perform better in schools and then on in the exams. We refer to many well known text books and work books and also follow all past examinations papers. We also cover the syllabus from all of the major examination boards like EDEXCEL, OCR, AQA & Cambridge.

The knowledge of the mathematics, science & ICT is something that students are likely to encounter when they leave high school for collegiate study, vocational training or employment and this maturity and attitudes that will enable and encourage their continued growth of knowledge in these subjects. Mathematical & Science skills are highly valued and sought after. These training disciplines the mind, develops logical and critical reasoning. The concept and fundamentals of mathematics & science are applied in all of the further studies like Engineering, Science, IT, Accountancy and Economics etc.

Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry can be challenging and complex subjects for many in secondary school students in the UK. It is not surprising to learn many students view math as boring, difficult and irrelevant, rather than fun and interesting. The scope of what it means to be successful in mathematics expands beyond procedural knowledge and skill-acquisition to include sense-making and conceptual understanding. Our integrated approach is to motivate students to learn these subjects in a more relaxed environment, thus eliminating persistent subject anxiety, the lack of its application skills and poor standardized test performance.

We teach these subjects in an informal, clear, and interactive learner-centered style. Our tutors engage their students in learning these subjects in a multifaceted way that is interesting, developmental, connected, deep, understandable, and often entertaining.

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